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Residential And Commercial Pest Services

What's bugging your home?
ABOUT OUR RESIDENTIAL SERVICE: General pest control service includes treatment of:
spiders, ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish, other crawling insects and minor scorpion infestations.

of home is treated using a truck-mounted sprayer, around foundations, perimeter of home, patio & along fence line and any other problem areas. Also apply granules, which are water activated, along the foundation at initial service, and when needed.

Interior service is recommended at initial service. Interior of home is treated on request, at no additional charge, with an odorless treatment, along exposed baseboards, hallways, laundry rooms, concentrating in kitchens and entryways.

Follow-up service is important in 2-3 weeks, following initial service, to stop breeding cycle. The Option 1 service is a great choice. We recommend pest service every 4-6 weeks after initial visits. Follow-up prices start at $36.95, based on size of home and yard.

OPTION 1 Service: GREAT VALUE! Straight forward service details

$95.00 Initial, Complete 2-Part Pest Service to 3000 sq ft

Initial complete service PLUS a complete 2nd service visit in 2-3 weeks!
  • Service detailed above
  • 2-part service helps to break bug breeding cycle, for maximum benefits
  • Interior important for 1st visit, per customer request for 2nd visit.

  • You save $10.00 or more on 2nd service (30% savings!)
  • Proactive method to address your home's pest problems by breaking pest breeding cycle, an ongoing problem in the warm weather season.
  • 2nd service is a COMPLETE pest service, NOT a partial touch-up.
  • Pest Control is not a ONE-TIME, kill all the bugs service.

OPTION 2 Service:

$69.95 Initial, Complete Service to 3000 sq ft

Initial complete pest service
  • Service detailed above
  • Follow-up prices start at $36.95, based on size of home and yard.
  • Follow-up service important in 2-3 weeks for infestations. Important to break breeding cycle, when no prior service within 3 months.

  • When home serviced on a monthly basis, guaranteed between services. Service is also guaranteed with BI-MONTHLY PROGRAM.

Bi-Monthly Option

$69.00 with service every two months, up to 3,000 sq ft

  • NO Service Agreement is required.
  • Retreats between services when needed.
  • Complete service & granules, detailed above

Bird Control

Ask about bird/pigeon control and deterrent service options.

Scorpion Service

$125.00 Service (or $150.00 with follow-up included, a $10.00 saving)

  • For moderate to major scorpion infestations.
  • Service includes interior/exterior service, application of granules & dust, glue boards, a blacklight and block wall column dusting. (Attic dusting is an additional charge.)
Pest Control Service AZ
  • Monthly & Bi-Monthly Options
No Contract Pest Control
  • No Contracts!
Roach Ant Spider Control
  • Also HOAs & Managed Properties
Property Management & HOA Common Area Service Specialists
  • Bryant Pest Control provides services for several valleywide property management companies in Arizona.
  • Specialized in treating HOAs, shopping centers, industrial parks, homeowner association common areas, and residential managed properties.
  • All listed services are available at residential & commercial properties. Competitive, honest quotes. References available.
  • Prompt and professional BIDS and PROPOSALS. Request by email, phone or fax.
  • HOA pest control services available in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Maricopa and Phoenix, AZ


Let's talk about:


I have ANTS in my kitchen, around the dishwasher, on the counter… What should I do?
Ant traps and other products sold to consumers often are ineffective. Ants trail in from the outside, therefore the problem must be controlled from the outdoor ant colony. BPC will locate the source and treat effectively. Indoors, a separate ant bait or gel may be applied when necessary.

I am finding ANT hills in the grass, rocks, on walkways. What can be done?
Ants tend to pop up new homes everywhere during the warm Arizona months. Fire ants are especially bothersome, as they move their hills and can reinvade in new locations. Hidden in the grass, they are often an unwelcome painful surprise. Scheduling regular pest control service is important so that your property is inspected and monitored for ant infestations. We will bait anthills, during regular pest service, at no additional charge. The grass can also be baited in order to treat unseen ant colonies. Serious infestations may require a follow-up service and/or specialized treatment with TERMIDOR.


WE FOUND A SCORPION IN OUR HOUSE! What can you do? How can scorpions be prevented?
We will ask you: Was it alive or dead? How many have you seen?

  • The best way to control a scorpion population is by controlling its food source, live crawling insects
  • Regular pest maintenance will reduce the insect population significantly, thus, the food source.
  • Chemical treatments help control scorpions, but their hard external shell slowly ingests the chemical.
  • It may take two or three days for the scorpion to die, after being affected by pesticide.
  • Creating a physical barrier, sealing your home, is ideal in keeping scorpions out. Home sealing is one of the many services we offer.
  • We offer a variety of scorpion control options: -- attic dusting -- black light services --prevention tips for homeowners


There's a large ROACH in my home! Where did it come from?
Roaches found outdoors are usually American or Oriental roaches, commonly known as sewer roaches, brown or rust in color. They crawl out of manholes, gutters & drains in the street and often live under concrete, rocks and near heavily watered areas. They can also be found in water meter boxes at your home & your neighbors! These roaches often find their way into homes through drains and doorways. The best way to control them is with a heavy exterior treatment. We power spray for greater coverage.

I'm finding small brownish or tan ROACHES in my kitchen and bath. What type of roach is this?
These smaller roaches, often found on counters and in cabinets, are German roaches. They will breed and reproduce rapidly and in large numbers. They often live within walls of the home. You may have a significant ROACH problem. Prompt pest control service is necessary to control and destroy the German cockroach.


Do I need to have the inside serviced every time I set up pest control service? NO…
  • You do not need interior service monthly, only if you are having problems inside.
  • If you keep the outside under control, serviced monthly, you will not have problems inside your home.
  • Many customers never choose or need interior pest service. The problems are often controlled and maintained on the exterior.